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Fruit Trees
 Avocado                       Mulberry                
     Strawberry Tree               
 Barbados Cherry  Jaboticaba                        
 Carambola (Star Fruit)     Lychee  Sugar Apple
 Guava  Mango  
Shade & Flowering Trees and Shrubs
 African Tulip  Gumbo Limbo  
 Bottlebrush  Hibiscus, Anderson Crepe  
 Bougainvillea  Hibiscus, Carnation  
   Hibiscus, Pink  
 Cassia- Desert  Hibiscus, Red  Plumeria-Bridal Bouquet
 Clerodendrum Starburst   Hibiscus, Yellow  Queen Crape Myrtle
   Hong Kong Orchid  Royal Poinciana
   Japanese Fern Tree  Silver Buttonwood
   Jatropha  Tabebuia Caraiba (Yellow)
 Frangipani    Tabebuia Ipe
 Gardenia    Tibouchina
 Golden Rain  Mahogany  Wax Myrtle
Adonidia-Christmas Palm  Foxtail                                Pigmy Date                     
Plant List & Photos
Photo Gallery
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